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Gonna make gemsonas for some gems/minerals from Stardew Valley~ Which one sounds coolest? 

6 deviants said Fairy Stone
5 deviants said Lunarite
3 deviants said Prismatic Shard
3 deviants said Petrified Slime
3 deviants said Star Shards
2 deviants said Earth Crystal
No deviants said Alamite
No deviants said Bixite
No deviants said Aerinite

Full Gem List [WIP]

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 6, 2017, 12:19 PM

I have an absurd amount of gems that I have both adopted and conceptualized (not drawn/designed yet).
And I also have a ridiculous amount of notes in my phone regarding said gems.
So I've figured that I ought to organize them properly, mark which need to be designed, etc.
They'll be organized based on story concept, I think that's the easiest way uvu

* = To Be Designed
> = To Be REdesigned
/// = Considering Sale/Resale

Disbanded Diamonds:        Keeping Time:
Full List of DiamondsFirst Generation:
Old Rose Diamond
Crystal Diamond*
Midnight Diamond*
Great Chrysanthemum Diamond*
Millennium Star Diamond*
Second Generation:
Premier Rose Diamond*
Lavender Diamond
Champagne Diamond*
Chocolate Diamond
Coffee Diamond
Gold Diamond
Red Diamond*
Coal Diamond*
Tereshchenko Diamond*
Hortensia Diamond*
Ocean Dream Diamond*
Golden Eye Diamond*
Ashberg Diamond*
Regent Diamond*
Raven Diamond*
Jonquille Diamond*
[Canon] White Diamond
[Canon] Yellow Diamond
[Canon] Blue Diamond
[Canon] Pink Diamond
Third Generation: 
Light Green Diamond*
Indigo Diamond*
Baby Pink Diamond
Sky Diamond
Salmon Diamond
Chameleon Diamond
Khaki Diamond
Burgundy Diamond
Silver Diamond
Steel Diamond
French Blue Diamond*
Esperanza Diamond*
Pink Star Diamond*
Kazanjian Red Diamond*
Moussaieff Red Diamond*
Polar Star Diamond*
Tangerine Diamond*
Lime Diamond*
Orange Diamond*
Auburn Diamond*
Bronze Diamond*
Olive Diamond*
Cognac Diamond*
Green Diamond*
Turquoise Diamond*
Fourth Generation:
Canary Diamond
    Keeping Time GemsQuartz Crystal
Iris Agate
Prism Pearl
Mystic Topaz
Storyline Exclusive Allies:
Platinum Pearl
Hawk's Eye
    Black Pearl*
    Blue Jasper*
    Orange Jasper*
Forest Jasper
    Green Pearl (inactive)
    Jade (inactive)
    Emerald (inactive)
    Sapphire (inactive)
    Sapphire (inactive)
    Rose Quartz (inactive)
    Unknown Gem (inactive)*
Blue Corundum
Cream Pearl /////
Sunset "Gypsy" Pearl*
'Voodoo' Pearl*
Yttrium Aluminium Garnet*
Alexandrite [forced fusion]*
Herkimer Diamond*
    Scepter Quartz*
    Star Quartz*
    Ferruginous Quartz*
    Cactus Quartz*
    Faden Quartz*

                                                Rainbow Opal's Alcove:
Disbanded Diamonds' GemsSector of Beauty:
    Peacock Diamond's Court
        "Purple" Peridot
        Abalone Pearl
        Benitoite >
        Blue Pearl
        Blue Pearl
        Dark Blue Pearl
        Dark Blue Sapphire
        Deep Blue Aquamarine
        Dumortierite Quartz
        Green Sapphire
        Lapis Lazuli
        Light Green Pearl
        Picture Jasper
        Purple Pearl
        Star Topaz
        Turquoise Pearl
        Manager Fluorite
Official Court Jobs & Gems:*<
    Rainbow Opal's Alcove GemsRainbow Opal
        Smokey Quartz
        Dark Purple Pearl
        Lavender Pearl
        Light Lavender Pearl
        Matte Lavender Pearl
        Matte Purple Pearl
        Periwinkle Sapphire
        Violet Sapphire
        Winza Sapphire
    Aquamarine >
        Lapis Lazuli
        Lapis Lazuli Triplets
        Ocean Druzy
            Light Blue Pearl

                                                 Chain of Pearls:
Pretty Pearl Confectionery GemsManagement:
Brown Pearl
Conch Pearl
Sky Blue Pearl
Lilac Sapphire
Matte Blue Pearl
Mint Pearl
Housing Members:
Burmese Ruby
Cornflower Sapphire
Cotton Candy Quartz
Pigeon Blood Ruby*
Ruby Fuschite*
Ruby Zoisite*
Star Ruby*
Azure Pearl
Burgundy Pearl
Mocha Pearl
Red Pearl
Scarlet Pearl
Dark Green Pearl
Jet Black Pearl
Orange Sapphire
Circle Peridot
Oval Peridot
Razzle Dazzle Rose Pearl*
Sky Magenta Pearl*
Magenta Haze Pearl*
Dark Magenta Pearl*
Steel Pink Pearl*
Other Gems:
Cream Sapphire
Green Pearl
Orange Pearl
Rainbow Pearl
Silver Gray Pearl
Viridian Pearl
White Pearl
Yellow Pearl
    Chain of Pearls GemsSubject Pearls:
Black Pearl
Blood Pearl
Blue Pearl
Bronze Pearl
Coco Pearl >
Coral Pearl
Cream Pearl
Dark Grey Pearl
Forest Green Pearl
Grey Pearl
Light Brown Pearl
Light Grey Pearl
Lime Pearl
Maroon Pearl
Mauve Pearl
Mustard Pearl
Night Blue Pearl
Peach Pearl
Peacock Tahitian Pearl
Powder Blue Pearl
Purple Pearl
Red Pearl
Rose Pearl
Seafoam Green Pearl
    Spring Green Pearl
    White Pearl
Tahitian Pearl
Tangerine Pearl
Violet Pearl
Yellow Pearl
Homeworld Gems:
    Ametrine >
    Pink Opal
        Akoya Pearl
        Black Baroque Pearl
        Carved Indigo Pearl
        Carved Mint Pearl
        Carved Silver Pearl >
Black Star Sapphire*
Grey Star Sapphire*

Court Gems:                                Little Jewel:
Court GemsCourt of Diamonds:
    Plum Pearl
    Sapphire Pearl
    Coral Pearl
Druzy's Emporium:
    Tahitian Pearl*
        Dark Blue Pearl*
        Emerald Green Pearl*
        Powder Pink Pearl*
    Hanadama Pearl*
Chateau De Mineraux:
    Mulberry Pearl
    Hot Pink Pearl
    Laurel Pearl
    Volcanic Pearl
    Peruvian Pearl
Bismuth's Bastion:
    Sir Bismuth
        Pink Pearl
    Jelly Opal
        Rainbow Amethyst
        Smokey Blue Pearl
    Monochrome Pearl
Magenta Diamond's Court:
    Pink Star Sapphire
    Pink Pearl
    Pink Hue Bismuth
    Red Beryl
     Little JewelBlush Pearl
Pink Sapphire

And I just did a count, and I have approximately 607 Gems!
Chain of Pearls: 98
Pretty Pearl Confectionery: 43
Court Gems: 23
Rainbow Opal's Alcove: 68
Keeping Time: 29
Disbanded Diamonds: 78
Disbanded Diamond Courts: 266
Little Jewel: 2

Hopefully I get designs and the chance to draw all of them!!


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